Project Reference

Island-wide Power Facility Security & Protection

Singapore Power Group (SP)

Project Objectives

Design & implement an Integrated Security and Surveillance Platform for monitoring power substations throughout Singapore.

The Challenge

Singapore Power (SP) is one of Singapore’s largest corporations, and a leading energy utility company in Asia Pacific. SP takes pride in their world-class electricity & gas network performance, with Singapore having one of the fewest and shortest power outages worldwide. To maintain the integrity, availability and security of the power distribution system, SP seeks a reliable integrated monitoring system for the operation of its distribution network. 

Our Solution

Syspro successfully implemented an Integrated Surveillance Management System (Vanguard Unified Platform) for Singapore Power’s power facility monitoring nation-wide. By integrating to a wide range of security sub-systems, the ISMS is all-encompassing and empowers the client with the ability to better monitor and control their critical assets remotely.

The Outcome

With a high-availability integrated surveillance system for Singapore’s power transmission and distribution, Singapore Power reliably secured our homeland and prevents tragedies.


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