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Eocortex 4.2

Fall Detection, LPR, Fire Detection and other NEW analytics online!

New version of Eocortex VMS is now available to download! 

A global provider of VMS and Analytics released the new version 4.2. 

All of the novelties of version 4.2 will empower you in bringing the control of the object and management of the video system to the new levels of friendly and efficient usage.

Try Eocortex 4.2 and get:


  • Brand-new LPR module

  • New Fall Detection module

  • Advanced Alarms

  • Customizable Hotkeys

  • Access Depth Limitation for the Archive

  • Updated Smoke and Fire Detection module 


Leave a request and test Eocortex version with 4.2 absolutely free of charge!

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Eocortex 4.2

Fall Detection, LPR, Fire Detection and other NEW analytics online!

New AI based analytics modules from Eocortex are on the way! This time novelties is focused on features that allow you to react promptly to system events. Join online presentation on Tuesday, February 20th, at 5:00pm SGT.

New License Plate Recognition

This AI module combines parking and highway tasks into a single solution, boosting accuracy up to 10% higher and enhancing performance on GPU. Recognition is now template-free, and it's possible to set up scenarios to detect emergency vehicles by number plate color.

Updated Fire and Smoke Detection

Improved neural network algorithms swiftly detect fires, reducing false alarms by up to 3 times and boosting accuracy up to 20% higher. This enables long-distance fire detection in open areas, even low-visibility smoke to start with.

Updated Fire and Smoke Detection

Improved neural network algorithms swiftly detect fires, reducing false alarms by up to 3 times and boosting accuracy up to 20% higher. This enables long-distance fire detection in open areas, even low-visibility smoke to start with.

Eocortex team will also show: alarm modernization, customizable hotkeys, access depth limitation for the archive, new mobile application, and even more! 

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How video surveillance software can lead to higher profits & retail retention

Eocortex video surveillance software enables business managers to monitor production processes, to control tasks progress and to establish operational management. Eocortex People Counting module will empower you to fine-tune the shop open hours or employees work schedules. Using Shelf Fullness Check module you will be able to top up the shelves once they become scarce. This helps to reduce employee response time during rush hours preventing potential downtime and decline in profits.

Moreover Eocortex allows you to monitor the trading area, warehouses and other facilities minimising the risks of theft and pilferage, unexpected emergency situations like fires or attacks to minimise risks, preventing losses and safeguarding the goods.

Eocortex can be used to monitor staff performance and ensure a high level of Client service. Our software also enables analysis of consumer behavior which helps businesses to understand customer preferences and demands.

Eocortex also provides control and analysis of visitor flows, helps to improve marketing strategies, provides security during promotions and is a flexible tool that can be adapted to specific business needs. Eocortex software is the tool in present day marketing that will help to improve your company's performance.

No matter the structure or complexity of your video surveillance system Eocortex offers you the tools to help you solve your marketing challenges and streamline your work.



Eocortex 4.1 - Next-level management for video systems!” —  Eocortex team create a VMS and Analytics by themselves, making sure all components are designed to work with each other in the most efficient way. Catch all their latest product updates 

Free of charge updates will become available as early as next month.

What will impress you this time?

●    Maps and Plans features have been redesigned and improved. Now it is easier than ever to build and manage a video system with custom tags, icons, video displaying inside the field of view and more.
●    Custom notifications and web-hooks to send detailed and customized information to users and automated systems.
●    Long-term database to store events without the archive storage time limitation. Keep the important information for 10 years and even more!
●    Integration with external systems. Find new possibilities with Suprema Biostar2 ACS, Vivotek cameras edge analytics, POS terminals and other.

●    NEW Emergency Vehicles Recognition module. Detect ambulances, fire trucks and police cars in real time to ensure they pass through any gate freely.
●    Uniform Detector module update. Build advanced scenarios to detect the presence or absence of your personnel uniform and control the occupational safety rules automatically.


Be the first to learn all about the new features of Eocortex 4.1

13 Jul 2023 (Thurs), 5pm Singapore time

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15 June 2023, 5:00PM SGT

How to implement huge projects successfully? 

A skill to carry out large-scale CCTV installations is a real must-have for every video surveillance expert. When implementing such solutions, you need to take into account many technical nuances, which Eocortex will discuss in detail at the large webinar “How to implement huge projects successfully?” together with their colleagues - experts from Milesight.

From Milesight and Eocortex experts you will learn:

How to decrease the cost of a large-scale system by 2 times and save your budget

What advantages brings you the deep integration between Milesight and Eocortex

What camera and VMS features are required for smooth and constant system operation

All of these will be proved with real cases of Eocortex and Milesight implementations! 

Register and find out how to keep your large or complex site safe with advanced security and surveillance features based on Eocortex and Milesight development. 

What else awaits you?

Online workshop (how to set up a complex system in 15 minutes and manage it from anywhere in the world)

Real live demonstration of Milesight & Eocortex features 

Discussion about the benefits of video analytics working on camera or server

Q&A session directly with Milesight & Eocortex experts

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Object Classification & Counting is now available in Eocortex 4.0!

Eocortex, a global innovator of Video Management Software with Analytics, has released its latest software version 4.0. It includes a number of technical improvements and optimizations, as well as exciting brand new  AI-based video analytic features.

Featuring the latest Object Classification & Counting module:


Object Classification

  • People

  • Animals

  • Vehicles by type, i.e.: Passenger cars, Buses, Trucks, Motorcycles

Object Counting

  • Counting objects in a defined area. Easily set-up areas of any size/shape by dragging key points of the virtual frame. 

  • Counting objects crossing virtual lines in the specified direction. Position of the line can be changed manually by easily dragging it by the waypoints.

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