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Object Classification & Counting is now available in Eocortex 4.0!

Eocortex, a global innovator of Video Management Software with Analytics, has released its latest software version 4.0. It includes a number of technical improvements and optimizations, as well as exciting brand new  AI-based video analytic features.

Featuring the latest Object Classification & Counting module:


Object Classification

  • People

  • Animals

  • Vehicles by type, i.e.: Passenger cars, Buses, Trucks, Motorcycles

Object Counting

  • Counting objects in a defined area. Easily set-up areas of any size/shape by dragging key points of the virtual frame. 

  • Counting objects crossing virtual lines in the specified direction. Position of the line can be changed manually by easily dragging it by the waypoints.


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Eocortex 4.0 - more powerful than ever!

Release of the mind-blowing VMS version, where a reduced system load and a large number of features are combined.

What will impress you? 


  • 10 times faster object search

  • 10 times faster reports generation

  • 8 times lower CPU requirements of Client PC

  • 10 times lower RAM usage 

  • Use 2 times more cameras with Face Recognition on the same hardware

  • New Analytics Module. Now you can COUNT different types of objects (people, vehicles, animals)

Ready to learn how it all works and why it matters to any modern video system? 


Join us online on 29 Nov (Tues), 5pm SGT

The participation is free. Register HERE now!



Every year modern video surveillance systems are becoming more complex and diverse. Hundreds of everyday tasks become easier and faster thanks to smart video surveillance, but what is a significant barrier to installing such a system? 


Many will name - cost of equipment and potential price of expanding the system.


But with Eocortex Lightweight neural networks all our users can process twice more analytical modules with the same hardware requirements (CPU, GPU). It means that Eocortex reduces the amount of required servers and cost of the system regardless of server brands used in the system.


Moreover, it's really easy to choose the optimal streams for video analysis, display and record archive, as well as improve software performance thanks to the support of 4 video streams from camera in Eocortex.


With the help of Eocortex Online Calculator you can get hardware requirements for your project in a few clicks! Just enter the initial parameters of your project and get all the information you need.


As you see it's easy to use your video surveillance system wisely and get great results at no extra cost.


Want to test the possibilities of Eocortex?

Give it a try free of charge!

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Vehicle Counting and Parking detection in Eocortex 3.6

Introducing the powerful License Plate Recognition module in Eocortex 3.6 with new capabilities:

●    Monitor carpark occupancy and the number of vehicles driven in/out 
●    Monitor vehicle parking time of each lot
●    Detect vehicles that have exceeded the allowed parking time
●    Automated rules (Activate the alarm, Send a notification, etc.) in the event of carpark full, exceeding allowed parking time, entry/exit of certain vehicles
●    Automatic reports on carpark occupancy, the time of entry/exit, and parking time of vehicle 

Eocortex 3.6

Integration to POS-terminals and ZKBioSecurity Access control 

The latest version of Eocortex 3.6 is now available for download.

All version upgrades are free of charge.

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Spring is a time to gain more and develop businesses. And its also a time of gifts and profitable special offers!

Syspro and Eocortex will tell you about trends, popular requests and expectations of video systems for different lines of business on April 27 at 15:00. Find out how Eocortex video surveillance technologies help in business development.


Join us for the launch of Eocortex 3.6, featuring:

  • Count vehicles and parking time with License Plate Recognition module

  • Enhanced level of accuracy for Face Recognition, Search for objects, Tracking modules

  • Monitor any camera on a dedicated monitor with the Overview monitor feature 

  • Explore powerful possibilities with updated POS terminals and ACS integrations

  • Save and effectively manage important moments from the archive with the Episode archive feature 


and many more exciting features!

Technological innovations will be presented by:

Mr Dmitry Loginov — Eocortex Commercial Director

Register and join us on 20 Apr 2022, 12pm SGT now


Sneak peek: Eocortex 3.6 introduces new features for POS Terminals 

Sneak peek of the latest Eocortex version 3.6, including many new exciting features such as integration to POS terminals and more. Version 3.6 will be officially released soon!


Trade-in your existing VMS with Eocortex at 50% discount today

Are you not satisfied with the software in the existing video surveillance system?

Replace old VMS with Eocortex on special terms!
For details, contact the Eocortex account manager

*Promotion valid till 30 December 2021.

*The promotion may be stopped early by the unilateral decision of the organizer.


Get a Starter Pack at USD $599!

Are you implementing a video surveillance system? Try Eocortex, professional software for IP cameras with more than 20 video analysis modules.

For a limited time untill 30 December 2021, new Eocortex users will be eligible to purchase 5 of ANY licenses for just USD $599! Don't miss this opportunity to try out the features and video analytics as part of our special offer for the Eocortex Enterprise license.

Applicable for:

  • Eocortex LS x 5 licenses

  • Eocortex ST x 5 licenses

  • Eocortex Enterprise x 5 licenses + All Video Analysis modules (except LPR) per camera

  • Eocortex ULTRA x 5 licenses


​*The licenses are supplied on electronic/software Eocortex protection keys; USB Eocortex protection keys are purchased separately. License activation is possible using new Eocortex software protection keys only.
*Offer is a welcome bonus, therefore the number of licenses is limited.
*Promotion may be stopped early by the unilateral decision of the organizer.

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