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wireless multihop

Multi-Hop Wireless

Intelligent . Reliable . Cutting Edge

wireless multihop

Aeronaut is a private and secured communications Multi-hop Wireless Industrial Transceiver that is designed with an unique wireless architecture. It is highly flexible and scalable and provides complete range of Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multi Point (PTMP) wireless links. 


  • Single Multi Radio IP67 Ingress Protected Unit

  • Supports 2x2 MIMO with 300Mbps data rate for each radio. Up to 300Mbps x 3 radios in single device

  • Intelligent Switching Technology supporting flexible architecture

  • Up to 160Mbps real TCP throughput and 38ms latency after 20 hops

  • Flexible ultra low latency (<2ms) transmission technology allows for hybrid new topologies performing latency sensitive video streaming applications

Highly Flexible & Scalable Network Architecture - Combining PTP & PTMP

wireless multihop

Conventional MIMO dual RF radios cannot survive more than 5 or 6 hops and drops further when streaming videos. Back to back bridges suffer from the same poor latency timeout issues. Configured as AP-WDS, backhaul repeating performances incurs dead nodes beyond 6 hops. Aeronaut can overcome multi-hop relaying issues and provides stable video transmission after 20 hops.

wireless repeater

Multi-MIMO HT-OFDM Outdoor Radio


Multi-Hops Repeater that is highly suited for PTP/ PTMP/ Hot zone applications, with multi-radios interfaces and Fast Data Switching technology.(Singapore IMDA approved)

wireless transceiver

Industrial-grade Wireless Transceiver

Powerful Enterprise Industrial-grade Wireless Transceivers that is built for a Flexible, Effective and Robust Wireless Network.

4G router

Industrial-grade 4G/LTE Router

Highly reliable and secure wireless  gateway that supports multi-band connectivity including FDD/ TDD LTE, WCDMA, GSM for a wide range of applications. 

Aeronaut X1-LTE-4G Brochure

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