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Vanguard Unified Platform

Vanguard platform leverages on various information from video management, people and vehicle access control, network infrastructure, computing systems, video and data analytics, unified communications, digital signages, intelligent building management system as well as IoT sensors to form critical information logic links as a basis for effective and efficient command and control of user operations.

Key Functionalities:

  • GIS Map Visualization
  • Customizable Dashboard & Data Trends

  • Intelligent Events Management Center

  • Incident Management & Reporting

  • Guided Workflow Management 

  • Supports Cloud CCTV / Cloud deployment / On-premise deployment

  • Mobile app/web versions available

Competitive Features:

  • Reliability with Autonomous Failover

  • Easily Scalable

  • Full Control over Incident Evidence

  • Local Technical Support (24x7x4)

  • Fast & Powerful Search Engine

  • Decision-making & Priorities

  • Brand agnostic, supports virtually any brand 3rd-party systems with API

unified platform
unified platform
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