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Project Reference

Electro-Optics System Solution for Runway Monitoring

Changi Airport Group (CAG)

Project Objectives

To design and implement a Electro-optics system that is able to perform runway monitoring up to 5km in low-lux and harsh weather

The Challenge

Voted as World’s Best Airport, Changi Airport connects travellers to over 200 destinations worldwide. Being one of the busiest airports in the world, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) owns 3 runways to accommodate the heavy air traffic. To ensure a safe and smooth journey for all travellers, CAG is challenged with having to monitor its runways and taxiways around the clock with much vigilance.

Our Solution

The runways stretch up to 4km and generic surveillance products in the market are inadequate and unsuitable. Syspro designed and implemented a full solution of Electro-optics system and fibre network that provides full-HD visual monitoring of the runways up to 5km distance, particularly crucial during take-off and landing. This system outperformed with its capability to deliver clear video in low-lux and harsh weather conditions.

The Outcome

Real-time visual monitoring of aircrafts behaviour on runways will aid early detection of incidents such as hijacking, acts of terrorism and runway accidents. The deployment of Syspro’s Runway Monitoring solution have set higher standards for air safety and passenger safety, thereby reinforcing Changi Airport as the  World’s Best Airport.

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