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Project Reference

Integrated Security Platform

Mandai Rejuvenation Project

Project Objectives

Mandai Wildlife Reserve is going through an exciting rejuvenation project where five of its zoological parks will be integrated with distinctive nature-based experiences, green public spaces and an eco-friendly resort. They wish to implement an an Integrated Security Management platform to better manage the security of this vast space and improve its operational efficiency and enhance visitor experience.

The Challenge

There are multiple silo security systems and facilities systems and it was challenging to integrate them and make sense of the collated data.

Our Solution

Syspro successfully implemented Vanguard, an Integrated Security Platform that aggregates data from multiple security and facilities services. The client now have enhanced situational awareness and is able to make informed decisions in the shortest possible time with the intuitive Workflow Management, GIS Map and Dashboard.

The Outcome

Vanguard Integrated Security platform enhanced the security, operations & efficiency of Mandai Wildlife Reserve and they are now better positioned to become a unique wildlife and nature destination, and continue to be rooted in their core mission to protect animal species and contribute to a thriving planet.

mandai park project reference
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